About us

The EPSRC and MRC Neuromod+ network represents UK research, industry, clinical and patient communities, working together to address the challenge of minimally invasive treatments for brain disorders. Increasingly, people suffer from debilitating and intractable neurological conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases and mental health disorders. Neurotechnology is playing an increasingly important part in solving these problems, leading to recent bioelectronic treatments for depression and dementia. However, the invasiveness of existing approaches limits their overall impact. Neuromod+ will bring together neurotechnology stakeholders to focus on the co-creation of next generation, minimally invasive brain stimulation technologies. 

The network’s focus is on transformative research, new collaborations, and facilitating responsible innovation, partnering with bioethicists and policy makers. We promote and facilitate discussion between stakeholders, and instigate new collaborative research partnerships, through a range of activities including co-creation events, workshops and funding calls.

Network priorities

Eight “opportunities” for the network were identified by our members through collaborative discussion at our launch and co-creation events. These priorities will guide our collaborative activities and funding calls:


Collaborating and connecting


Sharing knowledge, techniques and expertise


Involving and engaging patients and carers


Developing and shaping guidelines and policy for neuromodulation (practical, regulatory and ethical)


Improving translation and clinical trials for neuromodulation


Defining outcomes; improving replication, dealing with variability of results and effects


Combining or applying new multidisciplinary techniques and approaches to practical questions/challenges


Improving understanding of mechanisms underlying diseases and neuromodulation techniques and technology

Our team

Neuromod+ is managed through a consortium of four UK universities: Imperial College London and the Universities of Nottingham, Oxford and Edinburgh. The network was inspired by multidisciplinary collaborations established through the Imperial College Centre of Excellence in Neurotechnology.

Our members

Network membership is free and open to all.  So far, we have over 200 members, with backgrounds in academia, PPIE, industry, clinical/healthcare, and the charity sector and we are always keen to expand! 

Visit our Members Directory to find out more or sign up for free.

How will we make a difference?

Hear some of our member discuss how Neuromod+ can help address the challenge of treating brain disorders.

Our partners & associated networks

Neuromod+ has partners in industry, academia and the charity and health sectors, and is one of five neurotechnology networks funded by EPSRC and MRC. Click a partner logo to find out more about them.