Member perspectives

Hear from some of our members about their experience with minimally-invasive neuromodulation and how they think that Neuromod+ could help address the challenge of treatment for brain disorders.

Marcus Kaiser
Professor of Neuroinformatics, University of Nottingham
Chris Butler
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Dementia Research, Imperial College London & Honorary Consultant Neurologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Jeremy Stern
Consultant Neurologist and specialist in Tourette syndrome and movement disorders, Medical Advisor & Trustee, Tourettes Action
Anna Latorre
Consultant Neurologist, Senior Research Fellow, University College London
Ashwini Oswal
MRC Clinician Scientist, University of Oxford
Hayriye Cagnan
Associate Professor, Imperial College London
Barry Seemungal
Clinical Academic Neurologist, Imperial College London
Debbie Butler
Patient and Public Involvement Advisory Group, Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham