Six projects awarded in first Neuromod+ funding call

We received a fantastic response to our first call for funding and would like to thank everyone who submitted an application.

We are delighted to announce that the following projects were selected for funding:

Multi-investigator awards

  • The neurochemical basis of Focused ultrasound stimulation (FUS) on Memory (JeYoung Jung, Marcus Kaiser, Matthew Lambon Ralph & Elena Stylianopoulou)
  • Ultrasound neuromodulation with real-time 3-photon imaging (Sophie Morse, Simon Schultz, James Choi, Ann Go)
  • Characterization of the clinical and neuromodulatory effects of transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation in Essential Tremor (Dario Farina, Anna Latorre, Kailash Bhatia, Alejandro Pascual Valdunciel)

Flexible funding awards

  • Development of Patient and Public Involvement for Neurotechnologies (Antonio Valentin, Tamar Makin, Tiago Da Silva Costa, Kat Richardson, Amparo Guemes)
  • Developing a dual neuromodulation approach for major depressive disorder: understanding action on frontal cortex using functional near infra-red spectroscopy (fNIRS) (Paul Briley, Sudheer Lankappa, Peter Liddle, Richard Morriss)              
  • State-dependency of deep-brain transcranial ultrasonic neurostimulation (Miriam Klein-Flugge, Elsa Fouragnan, Lilian Weber, Siti Yakuub, Johannes Algermissen)

We look forward to hearing more on these projects as they progress.  Our second call for funding will launch in late 2023; details will be circulated and posted on our funding pages nearer that time.

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