Call for study participants: Non-Invasive Temporal Interference Stimulation to Augment Cognition

The UK Dementia Research Institute is looking for healthy participants to join their study exploring the augmentation of attentional control using temporal interference (TI).

As part of the UK Dementia Research Institute, we are developing brain stimulation interventions to improve the lives of people with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease – a disease characterised by loss of memory and cognitive functions.

We developed a novel non-invasive brain stimulation technology called temporal interference (TI), which is capable of targeting deep structures for the first time (a procedure that has been previously impossible without surgical intervention).

We have already demonstrated that the TI stimulation of a deep structure called the hippocampus can improve memory performance in healthy human participants. We are now testing its benefits in Alzheimer’s patients. See, for example, recent press coverages by Imperial and ITV News.

We are now looking for healthy participants in our new study to explore the augmentation of attention control. Impaired attentional control underpins the loss of many cognitive functions in people with dementia.

The study will involve non-invasive TI stimulation of the visual cortex, EEG, recording, and cognitive tests. All the participants will be paid for their time; please see the details below.

  • Study location: Sir Michael Uren Building, White City Campus, Imperial College London
  • Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours
  • Compensation: £25 (via Amazon voucher)

If you want to participate, simply indicate your preferred time via this link (we will follow up) or email Dr Eddy Rhodes at

Image credit: Helix Centre

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