Neurotechnology regulation – new report from the Regulatory Horizons Council

We are sharing here detail of a recent report on neurotech regulation which should be of interest.

Dear all,

The Regulatory Horizons Council, an independent expert committee that advises the UK government on regulatory reform to encourage the rapid and safe development of emerging technologies, has published today a report on Neurotechnology regulation which we thought could be of interest.

A copy of the report is available here and you can also read the government news story here.

The report proposes an interactive taxonomy to guide future discussions on governance and makes 14 reform recommendations on the following broad areas:

  1. Encouraging the commercialisation of medical neurotechnologies by increasing support to innovators, improving regulatory capacity and facilitating approval through the establishment of sandboxes and the avoidance of repetition of clinical trials
  2. Addressing under regulation concerns around the safety, cybersecurity and potentially misleading claims of non-medical neurotechnologies
  3. Exploring forward-looking considerations such as privacy, long-term care and accessibility
  4. Addressing existing governance and leadership gaps by establishing senior accountability on neurotechnology across government.

We envision this report as the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that we as a society must have in order to navigate a course for the development of this exciting yet challenging area of technology. We look forward to you and other key stakeholders reviewing and considering our recommendations.

We would appreciate it if you can also share the report with your network so that we all continue to contribute to ongoing discussions. We have shared the report on Twitter and LinkedIn, so please use these if more convenient.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to have a conversation about the report, then please do get in touch with us. Dr Andy Greenfield, lead Council member for this study (, and Diego Rodriguez, from the RHC team (

In case it is of interest, the RHC has also published today a report on AI as a Medical Device which you can read here.
Best wishes,
The Regulatory Horizons Council

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